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Your Own Custom Wedding Design  

Looking for help to pull together all of your wedding day ideas and create a cohesive, unique look for your special day? 

I am here to help by creating your wedding mood board, designing a tailored look especially for you and developing ideas for all the cute little details that will make for a very memorable day.

This package can also be purchased as a unique gift for a newly engaged couple about to embark on their journey of marriage together. 

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Your Own Custom Nursery Design  

Things can get overwhelming when you're expecting a new baby. 

I can help you by creating a tailored design concept and shopping list for your nursery with safety approved furniture and decoration.


When we are finished your babies nursery will be so cozy you may never want to leave.  

This package can also be purchased as a thoughtful gift for expecting parents. You'll be wowing everyone at the Baby Shower with the most unique gift! 


Your Own Custom Room Design  

Are you looking to create a new look in your home? Either starting from scratch or doing a little makeover but you don't even know where to start? 

I'm here to help and ready to tailor a dream room just for you. 


I have many years of experience working with a range of different clients and styles.  I am versatile in my design ability and extremely receptive to each of my clients unique wishes.


I will manage your budget carefully and ensure an affordable result. 

Peacock Flamingo Boho Eclectic Interiors

Custom Eclectic Room Design  

Some of us just can't live without being a little wild and free thinking.


The thought of a spending our creative lives in a beige room sends shivers down our spine.

We crave color, texture and to be surrounded by treasures collected from around the world. 

The eclectic look can often seem  daunting and it's not so easy to pull it off without the room looking and feeling cluttered or chaotic. 

If this is a look you yearn for then I'm your girl. Pick your colors, show me your favorite pieces and off we'll go on a fun design journey together!

Bedroom Boho Eclectic Interiors Header f

Your Own Custom Bedroom Design  

I believe that the bedroom is maybe the most important room in a home to design with all the right little details. 

At night we escape to our bedroom; in the morning we awake there, so it's essential to create a calm and cozy environment that you can just sink into. 

I can help you pull everything together with careful consideration to comfort.


I'm talking about lush layered textiles, a convenient and practical function, ambient lighting and a soothing color palette.

Premium residental DESIGN concept blue g

High End Residential Interiors

This is where things get fancy. 

I have many years of experience in the industry of high end residential interiors, working internationally for a wide range of clients with varying tastes. 

This experience has allowed me to develop my skills in design and project management. 

I have a diverse understanding of design styles and adapt easily to different clients requirements. 

I pride myself on my professionalism and ability to handle projects of any scale and budget. 

Beutmed Spa Concept header for etsy.png

Commercial Interior Design 

Due to my experience in both retail and interior design I am often hired for commercial projects that require a unique design touch. This includes spa's, retail stores, offices and cafes, bars and restaurants. 

If you have a small business and need help with the decorative elements for a new space or your ready for a new look, then I can help.


This design package gives you all the details you need to get started creating the best environment for your business allowing you more time to focus on other things!

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