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From Myanmar to Manhattan, London to Laos there's nothing more incredible than allowing yourself the opportunity to see the world. Experiencing the lives of others and learning to understand cultural diversity is one of the many rewards of travel;- and then there's the people you meet, some friends for a minute, for a day and some become friends for life. 

Those tough days with challenges and tears that are quickly overshadowed by soaking up an incredible sunset, a clear sky full of stars, laughter and some local hospitality, maybe add in a local beer as well, for good measure. 

I live for those moments when you feel yourself smiling from deep inside; feeling gratitude for that very moment that your living in. 

I try to capture my greatest memories on camera and I am delighted to share some with you here. If the images tempt you or inspire you, and if you’re in a position to travel then I urge you to pack your bag and go! 






Join the Journey 

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Anchor 5

Muscat, Oman 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lisbon, Portugal 

Alhambra de Granada, Spain

Andalucia, Spain

Various, Laos

New York, USA

Hanoi, Vietnam

Chiapas & Yucatan, Mexico

Various, Myanmar 

Shanghai, China

Istanbul, Turkey

Tokyo, Japan

Havana, Cuba

Varanasi, India 

Various, Egypt 

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All photos featured in the 'Travelogue' are originals captured by the owner Karen Wilson and are property of Casa Karima Ltd.


To buy prints or request to reuse any of Casa Karima's images please contact us for authorisation. 


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