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5.5 Yard Roll Indigo Dyed Hemp Hmong Batik Vintage Textile | Organic Sustainable Fabric #10 


I recently unlocked a treasure chest full of the most incredible, rare, vintage Hmong textiles including this exquisite roll of Black Hmong organic Indigo dyed batik. 


These panels are created with extremely laborious traditional techniques and artisan skills that are almost forgotten arts.


Firstly the organic hemp fabric is created from the harvested hemp plant. Through a series of steps, the fibers are gathered then hand spun and handwoven. 


The indigo is extracted from the leaves of Indigofera plants to make the indigo powder. 


Traditionally the females from the Black Hmong ethnic group from the mountains of Northern Vietnam will then hand paint their beautiful symbolic patterns onto the hemp fabric with wax. 


When the pattern is complete the pieces are dipped into the organic indigo which is mixed with very cold water to helps the indigo color fix deeply into the hemp fibers. This is repeated multiple times to achieve the desired shade of blue. 


After soaking in the dye the pieces are boiled to remove the wax from the fabric revealing the stunning, contrasting blue and white pattern. Again a process that is repeated multiple times. 


Eventually after all these steps and several weeks of preparation these amazing works of art are created and traditionally used for clothing. 


Interesting tit-bit-
The Hmong believe that when they pass away they must be buried in 100% organic hemp or cotton so that they are returned naturally to the soil and to the earth. 


These days it is easy to find replicas of these textiles which are made in a more cost-effective and less time-consuming manner by block printing onto cotton. The printed cotton still looks great as a cheaper alternative but nothing can compare to the original creations. In my opinion, they are textile masterpieces! 


★ Details-
- Size - L5.1mts x W0.26mts / L5.5 yards
- Sold as one full piece
- On both ends of the roll there is a small edge of 19cm without any batik pattern.
- Please expect some imperfections. These imperfections are the heart, soul, and history of these old and rare textiles. They are strikingly beautiful just as they are!
- Spot clean or gently hand wash with very cold water only. The indigo color may bleed. 
- Colors may differ slightly depending on display devices/monitors.



- This item is shipped for FREE with Thai Post recorded delivery, airmail which takes approx. 2 weeks excluding customs clearance.



Express takes 4-5 days to reach its destination after pick up, excluding any delays at customs (I have not experienced customs delays with DHL up to now)
- UPGRADE RESTRICTIONS PLEASE NOTE- Shipments to remote locations may incur increased shipping fees from DHL (such as inner regions of Canada, Central Australia, etc.). If so I will inform you before sending and we can discuss whether to go ahead.
If you would like to double-check before ordering just send me a message, thank you.




- Through my website, you can pay by PayPal which will also give you the option to pay by credit card through Paypal.

- I can also accept international bank transfers. Contact me for bank details.


★ CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE!!- I have many great fabrics and can customize other items for you, cushions, wall hangings, bags, etc. in a variety of sizes.


Message me and we can chat!!


FB and IG- @casakarima


Feel from to message me with any questions.

#10 Rare Vintage Hmong Wax Batik Organic Hemp Indigo Textile Panel 5.1m/ 5.5yard

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