This beautiful vintage two piece outfit is made with traditional Hmong hill tribes textiles from the mountainous regions of Southern China and Northern Vietnam.

Within the amazing patchwork of textiles you'll find waxed batik, organic indigo dyed cotton and embroidered hand spun and hand woven hemp.

So much work and creativity has gone into creating these incredible pieces. From the harvesting of the hemp and extracting the indigo from the leaves of Indigofera plants, to the beautiful batik painting and dying and then the applique embroidery and hand sewing.


This is a vintage piece that has been adapted.

Rather than the traditional open wrap style the skirt has been joined together so it is lifted onto the body and tied at the waist.

A traditional Hmong embroidered belt strap sits in the middle hiding the seem panel.

The indigo textile base trim has been added- likely replacing a badly damaged trim on the vintage skirt.

- Size
Length 24" (60cm)
Waist - 17" (43cm) side to side when laid flat.



This is a newly made piece made with vintage Hmong fabric including natural indigo dyed hemp and cotton embellished with applique designs and cross stitched embroidery panels.

- Size
-Length- top of shoulder to bottom 17"
-Chest below armpits 20"
-Waist 25"
All measured side to side when laid flat.

These textiles are the real deal, not a newly made reproductions so please expect some imperfections.
These imperfections are the heart, soul and history of these old and rare textiles. They are strikingly beautiful just as they are!

💙 CUSTOMISATION IS AVAILABLE - Please PM me if you would like me to custom create something especially for you using these unique textiles.




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Camellia Two Piece Vintage Hmong Hemp Pleated Skirt and Top