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Miao Yao Weining Hill Tribe Cushion Cover- Rare Vintage Textiles FREE SHIPPING


Congratulations on this extremely rare find!

I've created this one-of-a-kind cushion with the most heavenly textile piece, originally a cape worn by the ethnic minority Miao People of South West China, more specifically Weining style from the mountainous province of Guizhou.

These exquisite hand woven and embroidered wool and cotton textiles are near impossible to find these days; especially in good condition. I have reworked this piece to remove the damaged areas and recreated it adding a hand crafted Yao Tribe wool trim.

It's my passion to collect fabrics from various countries and hill tribes; to piece them together and somehow create a bond between their cultures and celebrate their diversity.

This piece has particularly captured my heart. It takes me several months of admiration and contemplation before I find the courage to cut but the end results are always worth it. I absolutely love how this one has turned out.


Back- Solid black cotton
Hidden zip at the base

This listing is for the cushion cover only. If you would like the filler please PM me to discuss.

Please note these vintage collectable fabrics may have subtle imperfections;- this we all adds to the charm!

Dry clean or hand wash with cold water only in order to preserve the fabric and trim.