There's nothing like sitting down with friends and sharing a sweet pot of tea with an Asian twist. 


This adorable high quality ceramic teapot with a sturdy brass handle, comes with 4 Asian style teacups. 



Diameter- 14cm

Width including spout- 18cm

Height- 13cm Including handle 18cm 



Diameter- 7cm 

Height- 5cm 


Dishwasher friendly. 


One set in stock however orders for more are possible.

Order time 2-4 weeks. 


After purchase the item will be send by Thai registared post which will take approx. 2-4 weeks for delivery. 


Express services are available, please contact me for details if required. 


If you are ordering multiple goods please message me to arrange a custom shipping charge. 


Tête-à-tea Set- Teapot and 4 Cups- FREE SHIPPING