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Vintage Faux Coral Nepalese Necklace- Rustic Brass & Onyx Pendant- FREE SHIPPING


Vintage Faux Coral Nepalese Necklace with Rustic Brass and Onyx Pendant - Red and Amber Bone Beads / Ethnic Boho Jewellery / Tibetan Style


This bold and beautiful handcrafted pendant necklace originates from either Nepal or Tibet - following the regions indigenous jewellery style.

The intricate mosaic pendant is aged brass inlayed with onyx stained Yak Bone pieces. You'll se in the pictures the pendant is aged and imperfect however please be assured the pieces are well set and secure- not loose.

Pendant size - W55mm x H40mm x D08mm.

The pendant hangs from a chain of beautifully worn beads made from dyed Yak Bone. 

Chain closure- hook and eye clasp. 

Length- pendant to clasp 350mm / 35cm 

Please feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.