Home Décor Trend Forecast 2016/17

It's time for Casa Karima to bring to you our compilation of five strong trends that will be seen throughout the home fashion industry this year and throughout the year of 2017.

Karen's Trend Forecast Mood Boards focus on colour, texture, material and pattern; drawing out some of the key elements that have been making waves on the high-fashion runways and will be filtering down into home fashion.

As always the journey from Haute Couture to Home Décor is captivating industry professionals around the globe. Let's look at what's currently influencing fabric and lifestyle product designers, interior designers and retailers as they create the new must have looks for our homes!

Crystal Mineral

Crystal Mineral

Crystal Mineral is based around Pantone’s Colours of the Year 2016- Rose Quartz and Serenity. This pallet has been a growing trend over the last year in home décor; with this mood board we look further into how to use these trend colours in our homes by selecting the right fabrics, materials and lifestyle products.

Natural colour graduation is a key feature within this mood board. Coupled with textures and colours from the natural world. Also shapes such as prisms, crystallized gems and iridescent colour.

Featured colours- Rose Quartz, pink copper, muted silver, grey, sky and mineral blue.

Key elements-

Soft flowing geometric patterns. Natural organic colour graduation and marbled effects.

Tiles Will Tell

One of the hottest looks we will be seeing in the summer of 2016 has been brought to the forefront by fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.

The classic and timeless décor pallet of blue and white is traditionally influenced by the Chinoiserie movement however trendsetters are now embracing Portuguese history.

The city of Lisbon is filled with pattern, colour, stunning crumbling buildings and a deep, rich history. Nothing is perfect and that is the real beauty of it.

The city is a patchwork of pattern, unexpected pops of colour and with contrast everywhere you look. The tiles tell a story of this magical city and are a magnificent source of reference for pattern development.

Featured colours- variations of blue, white, pops of canary yellow.

Key elements-Pattern blocking. Unexpected changes within a patterns created when repairs are made and street artists play. Crumbling charm. Combining tile patterns with classic stripes and plaids.This is one of the hottest looks we will be seeing in the summer of 2016, Dolce & Gabbana in particular have brought this beautiful trend to the forefront.

Tales from Tibet

The fashion trend forecast for Fall/Winter 2016 includes this vibrant story influenced by patterns and colours from Tibetan culture.

The look features heavy woven fabrics, traditional Tibetan patterns such as Tibetan clouds, medallions and mandalas all decorated with rich, vibrant jewel toned colours. The mood is bohemian and eclectic with a spiritual, ethnic touch.

Featured colours- Turquoise, jade, fuchsia, burgundy, emerald, burnt orange,

Key elements-

Diamond medallion patterns with graphics, depth, texture and obscured scale. Medallions used to create pattern, both random and linear. Tibetan clouds and other traditional Tibetan motives as well as Tibetan architectural reference.

Abstract Africa

African inspired trends always seem to be around; this recent trend however feels like a truer depiction of the essence of Africa than what we may be used to seeing.

Patterns are primitive, textures are rustic and the colours earth toned and created from natural materials such as mud, pigments, plants, stone and ash.

This is another trend where pattern blocking is prominent. The primitive free flow style displays a handmade quality and fresh abstract and imperfect way to use geometric patterns.

Featured colours- Black, white, gold, neutrals, chocolate, sand, burnt orange and ochre.

Key elements-

Use of earth tones, primitive and organic pattern, pattern blocking, upscaled abstract pattern, circular patchwork patterns.

Spanish Silhouette

Embracing all things Spanish; this board features a classic timeless look modernised by adding techniques such as laser cutting and combining bold geometric patterns with florals.

Here we see many fine materials heavily embroidered and silhouetted with their background. Silk and lace are prominent as well as mesh fabrics and patent leather. Elegance is key!

Featured colours- Gold, black, white, scarlet.

Key elements-

Silhouetted classic scroll pattern. Laser cut lace effect. Layering with the use of lace and mesh. Combining classic with modern.

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