The shabby bungalow becomes The Jungalow

I absolutely loved this little bungalow as soon as I saw it... it was tatty and beyond rustic but had so much potential!

The tree branch in the centre was the showstopper and the beam work of the roof structure added such intricacy to the simple round space. The baron dry garden housed a dusty motorbike parking lot with little chance for lush green grass to break through. To the left of the bungalow amongst the banana trees previous tenants had decided this could be their dumping ground. The land was filled with plastic and glass bottles.

Transforming it was a joy, starting with shifting out old furniture and ripping off the dingy drapes. Throwing on several licks of paint, clearing out the garden and re landscaping. With 2 awesome helpers Manu and Clara we fenced off the garden blocking vehicle access. I had a new ceiling fitted- compressed woven bamboo boards and after that it was in good enough shape to start the soft decoration.

Since my travels to Africa I have been drawn to African tribal prints and artefacts; with its rustic feel the bungalow was the perfect place to house this passion.

I'm pretty delighted with how it turned out although there's still much to do! So many ideas too little time!

Huge thanks to the special friends crew who have helped along the way!

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Casa Karima Pai

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