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Winter Wedding Tips For a Look That Doesn't Feel Like a Christmas Party

As a wedding designer and planner, I have worked on several wedding design projects where the couple dreams of a romantic winter wedding without the magic of Christmas taking over the show!

Here are some tricks and tips for how you can pull off a cozy, winter look without overdoing the festive charm.

1. Go Easy on the Red

Think of red as a splash of color rather than the main event. This can be achieved by using primarily white floral arrangements with some lush red blooms to pop the color palette.

When using lots of white and ivory you will keep the color story fresh and light. The natural green foliage will bring depth and texture to the look and gold accents will add warmth and glamour.

Photo credits - 1. Kelsey Curtis 2. Taylor Hernandez @taylorrmaaee 3. David Holifield, via @unsplash

2 . Play a Little Out of Season

This does depend on your location and budget but look at ways to bring in some flowers that are typically out of season. Orchids are a great choice and often more easily available in winter than other exotic blooms.

Photo credits - 1. Quinton Coetzee 2. Thomas AE @storyamour, via @unsplash

3. Foresty Florals

Lush foliage is a wonderful way to carry a wintery look through your wedding. An added bonus is that it's also a great way to get maximum effect without blowing the budget. Look at adding garlands along long tables, trailing and suspended arrangements around the venue, wildflower/foliage bouquets, and sprigs of greenery as the place-setting decoration.

Photo credits - 1. Nicole Geri @nicolegeri 2. Jonathan Borba @jonathansborba 3. Fuu J 4. Caroline Hernandez 5. Thomas William, via @unsplash

4. Crafty Cocktails

The vows have been made and everyone is ready to party. Cocktail hour is a chance to show just how much you've considered all the little details of the day. Have fun creating a signature cocktail that fits your unique wedding look and taste buds.

Photo credits - 1. Storiès @allthestories3 2. Brooke Lark @brookelark 3. Emily Andreeva, via @unsplash

5. Twinkle Twinkle

It's so romantic to see some sparkle on a cold, crisp evening. Sparkle tunnels are a great way to get everyone to group together for a late-night action-packed photo.

Photo credits - 1. Storiès @allthestories3 2. Jonathan Borba @jonathansborba, via @unsplash

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6. Pop in the Pink

If you are keen to avoid slipping toward a seasonal red, white, and green color story then all you need to do is pop in some blush pink to soften the palette and break away from those festive feels. Since pink symbolizes love it is an all-time favorite accent color for many couples and it balances beautifully with a wintery look.

Photo credits - 1. Tăng Trưởng Xanh 2. Zane Persaud @zapsizzle 3. Sandra Seitamaa @seitamaaphotography

7. Ice Queen Vibes

Shine bright like a diamond! There is no day more perfect to pump up the glamour with some bridal bling than your wedding day. We are talking tiaras, Swarovski crystals, embellished veils, faux diamond-encrusted Jimmy Choo's, and diamante nail art.

Photo credits - 1. Guilherme Stecanella @guistecanella 2. Marcus Lewis @marcusvlewis 3. Alvin Mahmudov @alvinmahmudov, via @unsplash

8. I-red-ssistible

If you simply cannot resist the red go for it, but go all in and get the wow factor! How about a scarlet wedding dress or a rich burgundy silk for your bridesmaids? You can set off the groom's black or navy suit with a ruby red velvet bow tie and classic red rose boutonnière.

Photo credits - 1. Rushina Morrison 2. Alvin Mahmudov @alvinmahmudov, via @unsplash

9. Snowy Styling

Add snowflakes to your wedding hairstyle with Baby's Breath or delicate pearl hair accessories. White feathers can also add a soft wintery feel to your hair or bridal bouquet.

Photo credits - 1 and 2. Alvin Mahmudov @alvinmahmudov 3. Josh Applegate, @joshuapaulphoto, via @unsplash

10. Sweet Memories of Summer

Many guests would expect a Christmas-themed wedding cake at a winter wedding so why not bring back the warmth of summer with red berries sprinkled with frosty icing sugar?

Photo credits - 1. Mads Eneqvist @madseneqvist 2. Olga Guryanova @olga_dizz 3. Alexandra Gornago, via @unsplash

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