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From an early age, I have been treasure hunting and curating beautiful spaces with unique pieces that I found in charity shops and flea markets.
I was always most drawn to the mysterious arts and crafts from exotic places that I dreamt of one day traveling to. 
After the 'dull years’ of school, I finally felt free to go on my own path which took me to art school to complete a BA Hons Degree in Textile Design. 
After graduating I landed myself a job at my favorite store in the world! Liberty London. What an absolute dream! 
In the luxury emporium, I was inspired every day by the stores' rich history and would daydream about pioneers searching the globe for exotic wares from far-off lands. I knew then, that this would be my calling. 
I transitioned into a career in buying and product development in the home interiors industry and have been fortunate to have the wonderful opportunity to travel whist product sourcing for retail stores and interior design projects. 
I've had a very exciting career working with high-profile personalities, as well as co-founding a luxury lifestyle brand and interior design business in Shanghai, China. 

In 2015 I followed my dream to create my own brand Casa Karima and have been growing both professionally and creatively ever since.

My collection is gathered from all around the world and includes both vintage and new pieces. I delight in learning about the history, artistry, and cultures of where each piece comes from.  

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