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I have always been known for my eclectic taste and my addiction to travel. I thrive on experiencing how different people around the world live and how their cultural identity is expressed through architecture, interiors, local attire and in other areas of design. I realise now that this is something that has been within me from a very early age.

As I grew I had a great desire to go to art school although I was never really able to define exactly what I wanted to ‘become’. After eventually completing my degree in Textile Design I was thrilled to join the team at Liberty, London.  At this luxury emporium I was inspired every day by the stores rich history and the visions of pioneers searching the globe for desirable objects, from far off lands. I knew then, that this was to be my calling.

I moved on to work with and learn from internationally renowned designer William Yeoward, assisting him in buying, product development and visual merchandising for his prestigious Kings Road store in London. 

I’d often dreamed of living overseas therefore in 2007 I moved to Shanghai, China to continue my career working directly with Chinese celebrity Yue-Sai Kan. 

In 2009 I joined with my business partners, at the time, to create and build the luxury lifestyle brand The Carriage House, During those 6 years I further developed my talent for interior decoration and learnt essential skills for building and managing a company in a foreign country.

All this expertise plus a dose of some natural ‘comes with age’ wisdom has lead me to create my own brand Casa Karima were I am combining my love for interiors, product sourcing, styling and travel, with my strong business sense, enthusiasm and passion. I have simply chosen to do what I'm good at and what I love.- to Live IN the Dream.