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The Maine Event

With the excitement of a family wedding in the air, I had the pleasure of visiting my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s beautiful home ground, the state of Maine, USA.

I’d heard great things about this area of the world and arrived with some expectation, but even with my vivid imagination I wasn’t quite prepared for such a breathtaking unspoiled landscape.

After their engagement it was with great delight that I screamed YES to being asked if I could help the gorgeous couple put together and execute the design concept for their wedding.

Many hours were shared discussing their needs, sharing ideas, defining the style and explaining to my macho rugby-playing brother what colours such as ‘sage’ actually were.

Craig and Evelyn knew for sure that the wedding should reflect their personalities and their lifestyle. After meeting in Edinburgh, moving to Hong Kong together, traveling around the world together then planning to marry in the USA, they hoped for an element of travel to come through as a subtle theme to the day.

Both personalities are what I would describe as laid-back and uncomplicated. There would be no need for bright colours, lavish shows or the acting out of fairytale fantasies.

The colour palette would be very light and natural with the concentration on the incredible nature surrounding them at the wedding location, Wolfe’s Neck Farm, in Freeport, Maine.

With the element of travel in mind we looked at vintage maps for inspiration and loved the colour combination of the sepia tones mixed with dusty green and aged, burnt orange tones.

Being careful to keep everything looking crisp and sophisticated we chose white as the backdrop and copper as the warm glowing metallic accent. A little touch of Scotland would later be added to represent the groom’s home country and the land where their love first blossomed.

With copper throughout the scheme it just seemed natural that the guests should follow suit; therefore after the joyful and emotional ocean-side ceremony the guests were invited to enjoy refreshing Moscow Mules from copper mugs which they could later take home with them as a souvenir of this magical day.

In preparation for the wedding breakfast each of the tables were named after a place that the couple felt held a true significance to their relationship. These included special holidays, family reunions, the place they first met and where they got engaged. The ‘Where in The World are You Sitting’ table plan directed the guests to their allocated seat.

I feel honored to have been asked to help and be part of this momentous occasion. Being the elder sister I know I am a little biased, BUT I can only describe the wedding of Craig and Evelyn as the most perfect day.

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