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Casa Karima's 2023 Wedding Trends

I've helped many couples and wedding industry professionals with my bespoke wedding design services and I am constantly on the lookout for emerging trends for the coming seasons.

This year brings an abundance of color, floral prints, and sculptural statements florals. Let's have a look at 8 hot trends that we will be seeing a lot of in 2023.

Pantone Color of the Year 2023 Viva Magenta

Announced in Dec 2022, Viva Magenta is described by Pantone as empowering and electrifying. One thing is for sure it is a statement. Let's have a look at how we can use this rich jewel-toned color in a 2023 wedding.

The tone works beautifully with navy and gold especially when worked in with some hotter pinks by its side. This story exudes opulence and glamor. It's not for everyone but for those couples out to make an impression this will do the trick.

Contact Casa Karima for your bespoke wedding design fitting your own personal style and ideas.


As a result of travel restrictions in recent years elopement weddings are becoming hugely popular for 2023. Many countries are seeing a rise in elopement tourism including Iceland, Mexico, Patagonia, Italy, Scotland, Bali, and Thailand; as well as many National Parks around the United States.

Couples are looking for adventure and experiences in nature with a live-in-the-moment, spontaneous energy for their union. Many couples now prefer to keep things intimate and build a trip of a lifetime into their marriage plans.

Popular landscapes include mountains, lakes, beaches, deserts, waterfalls, and forests. I'm all for this... life is for living and there is a beautiful big world out there to explore. Why not see it with the one you love?

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Flirty Florals

2023 will not be shy of color. Bright pastels are popping up a lot and this year the trending colors are enhanced with fun floral prints. Floral bridesmaid dresses mixed with solid colors will replace the traditional uniform look bridal party. Even the guys are getting in on this floral fun, more on that to come!

Statement florals will also be a big deal including suspended arrangements and asymmetrical broken arches filled with voluptuous full-bodied blooms and whimsically placed greenery.

For those on a budget, you can achieve a similar look using a higher balance of greenery and popping it with color. Some of the more affordable and lush and leafy greens include Italian Ruscus, Israeli Ruscus, Nagi, and Huck Greenery.

Now I have to mention the floral print bar featured in Vogue; custom-made with Gucci New Floral Wallpaper for Carly Cucco and Austin Barnard’s Amalfi Coast wedding. I'm obsessed!!

Contact Casa Karima for your bespoke wedding design with this Flirty Floral look.

Hoops Florals

Whist floral hoop arches are still around there is a new look for the hoop coming up a lot in wedding and event design for 2023. Dried flowers are an excellent choice for this decorative accent because they can be enjoyed after the wedding in a home interior.

Cake hoops are a beautiful decorative touch to your cake-cutting ceremony. Brides are replacing their bridesmaids bouquets with hoop bouquets and hoops work great as frames for suspended floral arrangements.

For more visual inspiration follow Casa Karima on Pinterest.

Potted Plants

This is a great trend for sustainable weddings. As long as plants are loved and cared for they can flourish for years, which makes this a great environmental and economical choice!

This is currently a very unique look and I love it. Let's hope more couples jump on board with this idea.

Pocket Squares

Really, how was this not a thing before? Was it a thing; did I miss it? I love them!

This look works perfectly with the Flirty Florals trend. Either the groom and his groomsmen can have their pockets bursting with pretty florals, or they can choose a chic floral silk handkerchief for a dapper accent to their suits. Matching tie optional!

Floral Cars

Oh yes, a cute-colored classic car filled with beautiful blooms, does it get any cooler?

The getaway car is a traditional wedding practice that was forgotten about for a while, but it is back and with a little 2023 Flirty Floral twist.

Disco Pop

Forget tradition! Disco Pop brings retro revival trends into wedding designs for the Millenials. This is a great look for those who want their wedding to be all about the party. Florals are bright and bold, disco balls add sparkles all around the venue and color-popped garlands can be used as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

I can't wait to see all this come to life in this year's wedding world!

For more visual inspiration follow Casa Karima on Pinterest and keep up to date with trends and stories on Instagram.


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